“Storyline worked really great for us at Keighley Salvation Army. It's so adaptable even for different ages and stages of faith. What's more is the material lent itself really well to use for our church services as much of the content is adaptable for sermon inspiration and all-age interactive parts of the service. I would recommend this to any church leaders looking to bring the parables alive in the 21st century in a small group, youth group or congregational settings.”

Captain Ben Cotterill - Salvation Army

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What is storyline?

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Storyline is a six-session teaching series exploring the parables and can be used in a variety of church settings. Due to the flexibility of the material, Storyline works as a whole church programme, content for a retreat, within small groups or as a youth series.

What story are you writing?

What have been the twists and turns of your story so far?

Who is writing your story?


Storylines are rarely linear and often complex. They feature plot twists, adventures, heartache and excitement. Their characters face adversity, journey with friends and overcome their deepest fears. The storylines of the books that line our shelves are often polished and carefully thought through, but real life isn’t always like that. With so many options we can struggle to decide which storyline to follow.


Dotted throughout the complex storyline of Jesus lies a wealth of simple stories. Tales of lost sheep, praying widows and self-important Pharisees. To understand their simple meaning, you need a heart willing to listen and learn.