Storyline Leader's Guide
  • Storyline Leader's Guide

    Storyline is a six-session teaching series exploring the parables and can be used in a variety of church settings. Due to the flexibility of the material, Storyline works as a whole church programme, content for a retreat, within small groups or as a youth series. The Leader’s Guide provides the Bible teaching, menu plans and resources.


    The six sessions have been created in the form of a menu enabling you to choose activities that are suitable for your context.

    In each session, you will need to choose a starter, a main course (divided into three spice levels) and a dessert to cover the key teaching for the theme. The remaining courses, the Sides, For Sharing and Thirsty sections, give you the flexibility to work within a range of time schedules.


    124 pages

    ISBN: 978-0956745217

    Product dimensions: 21.01 x 0.86 x 29.67cm


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