What is Storyline?

We think we know the parables!

We've heard them so many times and shared them with our children while reading from beautifully illustrated storybooks. Their message is simple to hear and difficult to live out...certainly if attempted in our own strength. Storyline revisits these simple stories with a fresh perspective and takes the participant through six sessions focusing on different aspects of a life of discipleship.

Each session has a slightly cryptic name and a corresponding icon.

Each icon links to a theme outlined below:

Lub Dub explores the condition of the heart through the parable of the four soils.

Blot digs deeper into themes of grace and forgiveness.

Kerching challenges us to spend time considering the cost of discipleship.

Tic Toc prompts us to evaluate how we are using our gifts, time and talents.

Tweet encourages us to spend time in prayer.

Glug moves us forward into a new start and a new relationship with God.

Storyline provides teaching to support each session and a bank of activities packed full of time-saving material to use within your church, youth group or anywhere people want to discover more about the parables of Jesus.

The Leader's Guide is 121 colour pages packed full of fun starters, bible study questions, scripture searches, quotation discussions, prayers, differentiated activities, handouts and everything you need to run the six sessions. The Journal contains all the relevant Scripture passages, activities linked to each theme and space to reflect on the session teaching.

Storyline is my labour of love and will hopefully be the first of many books in the Taste and See series. Daniel, David, Paul and Lydia are all waiting in line to have their stories shared and with your support, I can make that happen raising the funds to produce more material. I don't have the backing of Zondervan, Harper Collins or any of the big publishing giants, it's just me studying, writing and following God's calling on my life.

Storyline has been tried and tested in a number of settings and the feedback has been great.

"Storyline worked really great for us at Keighley Salvation Army. It's so adaptable even for different age's and stages of faith. What's more is the material lent itself really well to use for our church services as much of the content is adaptable for sermon inspiration and all-age interactive parts of the service. I would recommend this to any church leaders looking to bring the parables alive in the 21st century in small group, youth group or congregational settings."

Captain Ben Cotterill - Salvation Army

Try something different and order Storyline today!

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