Thank Him for all He has done.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing and rewriting this blog post. I've jotted down anecdotes from my childhood and recalled all the times I’ve checked that my own children have said thank you, but none of it sat right.

I need to keep it simple this week!

For the next part of our journey through Philippians 4:6-7 we just need to spend time saying thank you.

Join me in a week of thanksgiving.

Grab your journal or a large sheet of paper and spend this week filling it with words of thanks to God.

Follow the link below and reflect on these verses of thanksgiving:

Listen to the following pieces of music:

Thank you Jesus - Hillsong

Thank you for Saving Me - Delirious

For all you’ve done - Vertical Worship

Grateful - Elevation Worship

Forever - Chris Tomlin

Gratitude - Nichole Nordeman

Good to me - Audrey Assad

I’ll give thanks feat. Kirby Kaple - Housefires

Let’s spend this week in an attitude of thanksgiving and share in the comments section how it makes a difference to your week, and more importantly, your relationship with God. The soulwithaview facebook page will have regularly reminders to give thanks to God and will provide opportunities to share how you are getting on.

I hope you will be blessed by a week of thanksgiving.


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