Day 24 - Picture Perfect Advent Calendar

So, we made it!

There’s just one more sleep until Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I have been so blessed and challenged by the words of all the contributors in this advent series. I am so thankful that they have used their gifts in this way.

Before writing this final blog, I took the time to read every word from the Picture Perfect Advent Calendar.

Darren reminded us that God partners with us in building His kingdom.

Lucy gave us hope that God will rescue us and that we have a Saviour.

Rebecca (Williams) prompted us to find 'the beauty in what is, rather than resenting what isn't.'

Josh challenged us to be a 'leading line' pointing to Christ's birth.

Andrew encouraged us to find space for quiet reflection in the middle of all the busyness.

Sarah prompted us to let Jesus do the heavy lifting.

Rebecca (Elliott) reminded us that Immanuel is the sign the world is looking for.

Sue asked us to let our lights shine in our corner of the world.

Ian challenged us to 'experience the fullness of God and be changed by Him.'

Lynne reminded us that in Jesus we are free from judgement, shame and condemnation.

Richard let us know that even when we feel like we're alone, God is with us.

Alex reassured us that it's okay to feel fragile this Christmas.

Emilie encouraged us to be bridgebuilders, minding the gaps in our society.

Lindsay sharpened our focus on Jesus, true love born in a stable.

Paula prompted us to lift our heads and look up from our busy lives.

Rachel reminded us of 'God's loving presence in the pain of prickly moments.'

Sharen gave us hope that the long-promised Messiah brings order out of chaos.

Mike pointed us to a mighty God who brings hope in the middle of despair.

Yvonne encouraged us to share the gifts of Jesus with others.

Oh, and there's me!

From the start of this project, I asked you to take time out, to worship and adore. I hope that the Picture Perfect Advent Calendar has helped you to do that this year.

From all the writers, and soulwithaview, we hope you have a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year!

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