Day 18 - Look Up!

"In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind."

John 1:4

Have you got your Christmas lights up yet?

Had the annual fight with the string of tree lights?

Risked life and limb up the ladder to get the outside lights done?

Bought all the tea-lights and candles to make it cosy inside?

I wonder how many times in December we will take part in a church service that features light?

Candlelit carols, Christingle, the lighting of candles in advent wreaths? No doubt we will listen to sermons about light and sing many songs about it.

Consider this photo. There may be a great flurry of activity happening in the church, perhaps even light-themed, but our eyes are simply drawn from whatever is happening at ground level to look at the lights above. It reminds me of the wise men, whose eyes were lifted from their earthly business of star-study, to become fixed on the guiding star above, the light which led them to Jesus.

Look up from your earthly busyness around light this Advent and seek the actual source of light and life itself. Look up, focus on Jesus, Light of the World.

Paula Haylett

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