Day 11: The Road

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

I look at this picture and wonder if the man-made road spoils the view!

The mountain scenery, the water, patches of ice, the dramatic outcrops of rock, the light of the sky… and then a dirty, great strip of tarmac! If it wasn’t there the scene would be one of unadulterated nature in the raw, conveying power and majesty and stark beauty.

But without a road the journey for the photographer may not have been possible, it seems a remote and difficult terrain. They would not have been able to enter into this scene of grandeur and, in turn, we would not be able to share it with us.

The thing with places of such natural beauty is that I always feel better, feel changed for having been there. This journey takes me from my day-to-day surroundings to a place where my breath is taken away by a life-affirming landscape. I sense the reality of God is more than I can comprehend but also grounds me in it.

And this is Advent. That God gave access to His Glory to humankind by becoming human himself. It opens a path for us to experience the fullness of God and be changed by Him.

Ian Haylett

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